В ходе исследования

Having a part-time job during your studies can give you valuable work experience which is one of the things employers tend to look for in graduates entering the labour market. Many higher education students work part-time, either in the evenings, or during weekends. Most also try to find a summer job for the months from June to late August.

It’s important to know that a part-time job can be hard to find, especially if you don’t speak the language. Therefore, you shouldn’t plan your finances on the possibility of finding employment. Even if you do, it’s unlikely that the salary would cover all of your living expenses. Remember however, that a lot depends on your own skills and initiative in locating possible employers, so we encourage you to give it your best shot!

How much am I allowed to work during my studies in Finland?

Nordic or EU/EEA national: You don’t need any permits for working during your studies. There are no restrictions as to how many hours per week you are allowed to work, just make sure that work doesn’t get in the way of your study progress.

Non-EU student: You can work within certain limits on a student residence permit if the work is practical training included in your degree or if the amount of your part-time work does not exceed 25 hours a week. Нет никаких ограничений в плане часов на полный рабочий день вне каденций (летние и рождественские праздники в частности).

See also the web service of the Finnish Immigration Service Migri.

Where to look for jobs?

You are best advised to actively seek out options and contact potential employers in the town/area you are studying in. Your own initiative is the key factor! Here’s our tips:

  • Обмен информацией и опытом с другими студентами
  • Использование социальных сетей
  • Познакомиться с финской таможни о поиске работы (как презентовать себя потенциальному работодателю, как написать свое резюме, и так далее)
  • Patience and persistence is key with your search for part-time work – do not be discouraged if you are not immediately successful in your quest for a part-time job.

You could also contact the Career Services of your hosting Finnish institution for some general advice on job hunting in Finland. Пожалуйста, посетите веб-сайт вашего заведения для получения дополнительной информации, или проверьте подсказки и контакты на следующих страницах:

You can also visit the local employment office ('TE services') for advice. There are also some commercial recruitment agencies available. Вакансии объявляются в основном через он-лайн сервисы, но вы можете также найти некоторые работы объявления в газетах. Also remember that not all job vacancies are publicly advertised - be actively in contact with potential employers, too.