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Что такое Postcrossing?

It's a project that allows you to send postcards and receive postcards back from random people around the world. That's real postcards, not electronic! Узнать больше.

Как это работает?

  1. Request an address and a Postcard ID
  2. Mail a postcard to that address
  3. Receive a postcard from another postcrosser!
  4. Register the Postcard ID you have received
  5. Go to number 1 to receive more postcards!

Our happy members

“There's such a thrill in receiving postcards from somewhere "out there." Also, thanks to my fellow Postcrossers, I'm learning about Russian authors, Finnish artists, and tidbits about places I haven't been to before and may never likely visit in my lifetime. It's like travelling without having to leave the comforts of home. :-)”

Susan, Philippines
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Что происходит сейчас?

Postcrossing in numbers

  • 688,207 members
  • 211 countries
  • 243 postcards in the last hour
  • 42,770,466 postcards received
  • 391,009 postcards traveling
  • 215,269,759,287 km traveled
  • 5,371,672 laps around the world

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