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Federal Innovative Products Register

This resource was created upon the instruction of the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of the Russian Economy. The initiators of the creation of the Registry are state corporation "Vnesheconombank", federal state-funded institution "Foundation for Assisting the Development of Small Research and Engineering Enterprises", OJSC RUSNANO, OJSC RVK, the Skolkovo Foundation, the Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational programs and the Moscow Stock Exchange Market of Innovation and Investment, with the participation of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russia Federation and Rostechnadzor of the Russian Federation.

The formation and use of the Federal Innovative Products Registeris comprised of four main sections: pre-selection of applications; product appraisal; support during the certification process for products entered in the Register; analysis of the use of the products by federal and municipal customers and legal entities, as specified federal laws 94-FZ and 223-FZ.

The Federal Innovative Products Register is starting to work in KSAI KRITBI with products, services and technologies originating in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Этот проект создан совместно с федеральным реестром -,  по стимулированию спроса и продвижения инноваций на территории Красноярского края и РФ в целом.

This project will make it possible to:
  • Obtain an opinion not only from experts from of the region (Krasnoyarsk,) but also those of the public and of experts throughout the Russian Federation.
  • To promote products throughout the territory of the region and Russia as a whole.
  • Be included in procurement list for governmental, municipal legal entities.
  • Participate in regional and federal innovation support programmes.
  • До конца 2014 года, Ожидается интеграция с Электронными торговыми площадками

Any innovative Russian company or individual businessperson can become a member of the Register by submitting an application for the inclusion of their products on the project website. After passing the preliminary appraisal, the company will be listed on the Register for a period of 3 years. Participating companies will receive support in overcoming possible administrative and other barriers to introducing innovative products (technology and services) on the market.

For additional information:
Svetlana Dolgova, Senior Specialist
KSAI KRITBI Department of Project Support
тел. 201-77-77 (2115)