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List of Services

Prototyping Center of KRITBI Business Incubator


1. Mechanical processing of parts in Krasnoyarsk.

Mechanical processing of metals, plastics and composite materials by cutting on 4-axis vertical machining units HAAS VF-2SS, HAAS VF-10 and lathe machine HAAS TL-2. All the equipment has modern programmed numerical control (PNC). Maximum dimensions of processed parts: 760х400х500 mm, 3048x813x762 mm and Ø 406х1200 mm, respectively.

2. Electroerosive treatment in Krasnoyarsk.

Electroerosive treatment of complex and unusually shaped surfaces and holes in metals of any hardness (also manufacture of spiral and evolvent surfaces) with a precision of 2-3 microns, using broaching machine Mitsubishi EA12D. Maximum dimensions of processed parts 400х300х300 mm.

Electroerosive treatment of items with unusual curvilinear lateral surface located in the vertical plane, or with an inclined generatrix, using an electro-erosion wire-cut machine with a PNC by Mitsubishi Electric BA-24. Maximum dimensions of processed parts 400х600х310 mm.

3. Processing of geometrically-complex parts in Krasnoyarsk.

Processing of geometrically-complex parts from wood, plastic, brass, copper and aluminium, using a PNC by IMPULS RTM-2. Maximum dimensions of processed parts 1000х1000х250 mm.


4. Marking and engraving in Krasnoyarsk.

Marking and engraving on MiniMarker 2. Also available: precision laser marking and engraving of a variety of products for industrial production, advertising business, jewellery and other sectors, as well as manufacture of steel samples. Application of colour images using oxide tint.

5. Manufacture of printed circuit boards and body parts in Krasnoyarsk.

Services for manufacturing of printed circuit boards and body parts on an engraving-milling machine with a PNC by ProtoMat S63 at high spindle rotation speeds of 60,000 rpm. Maximum dimensions of processed parts 310х220 mm.

6. 3D scanning in Krasnoyarsk.

Colour three-dimensional scanning on Breuckmann SmartSCAN3D. Including the creation of three-dimensional models of the product, precision control, measurement of geometric parameters and subsequent correction tool, storage of digital copies of the products, tools, and equipment to enable their modification, repair or reproduction.

7. Photogrammetry in Krasnoyarsk.

Photogrammetry AICON DPA PRO - a portable optical coordinate measuring machine. It can measure objects with sizes up to 5000 mm. Also enables analysis of deformation, for example, during destruction tests; control of dimensions of products from sheet metal; monitoring of accuracy and wear of the equipment; control of roundness, for example for reservoirs and tunnels.

8.  3D printing in Krasnoyarsk. Photopolymer. Polycarbonate and ABS-plastic.

Manufacturing of details of any complexity using 3D printing from photopolymer, polycarbonate and ABS-plastics, with cavities, and even prefabricated construction. Performance, high quality of printed models and flexibility of control are the main advantages of the 3D printers Objet Eden350 and Fortus 400 by STRATASYS. These professional systems of three dimensional prototyping offer quick and inexpensive production of models, with a stable surface quality. The 3D printers' plot area dimensions are: 340x340x200 and 356x254x254 mm, respectively. The optimum thickness of the walls of models, that ensures both durability and indestructibility, is up to 0.6 mm. The printers support a large variety of materials. The materials have different properties: solid, flexible and even biocompatible.

Presentation of the services of KRITBI Prototyping Center