Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Business Incubator


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75 Svobodniy Pr., Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation


Resident reviews

SibEngineeringGroup Company
OKLADNIKOV Dmitriy Mikhaylovich
General Manager

Krasnoyarsk region business-incubator is a unique organization for innovative business. KRITBI gives young companies a chance to develop, use its prototyping center, owing to its managers reach a high level, which ordinary company may never reach.

The business incubator educates young companies how to work with financing, main foundations and therefore develops innovative business. In our very case we use nearly all KRITBI’s recourses. First of all it is free for use its engineering equipment, education course and offices. We are glad to fetch from the incubator, because we like its ambiance, nice people gather there. At the present moment our company has three cooperative projects with other incubator’s residents.

Vputi Company
Alexandr BORISOV
General Manager

I would like to thank the business incubator not like an organization, but like a group of people who work there, for their support, for their fighting for our success at contests; I wasn’t expecting it. When I came here I expected accountant help, but not projects support within the contests. Moreover, they give after contest support, appoint things to fix, manage projects to upgrade them. I am rather grateful for the business incubator. The incubator’s employees are quite vivid and active, in contract with the other organizations, where you have to fish information out. Thanks to KRITBI for initiatives, inquiring, events organization, advising small and big changes to ease the project. Thank you very much.

Prism Company
Project co-founder

I would like to say a few words about our business incubator, which is loved by all of us. I think that its main function is not offices, juridical and accountant services, but the synergetic effect from residents’ unification. I mean that we communicate with each other, see what successful people do, see their aspiration and we also start doing something. This is the first important point. The second one is that incubator’s employees help us a lot, fight for our success at contests, and solve our routine problems. That is why I’m so content with KRITBI, this is my best working place.

Parkmatica Company
Engineering Director

For me the business incubator is a strong impulse. First of all, it gave a possibility to make a direct contact with authorities; our project can be organized only through cooperation with authorities. Previously, we had a lot of insolvable problems, but now they are bit by bit solving. Moreover, I learned a lot as I study here. For example, how to cooperate with investors and foundations like Skolkovo and RVC.

UniMet Company
Dmitriy IVANOV
Chief Commercial Officer

UniMet Company wants to thank business incubator for its support. Without this support entering international market would have been difficult and would have occupied much more time. Business incubators business links and our resident statues eased our negotiations with foreign partners, customers, which are aware of Russian innovative politics, which trust experience of business incubators. That is why the negotiation process and experience exchange was easy. Our developments’ implementation and experience sharing will be more willingly accepted.