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Modern Youth Innovative Creativity Centres (YICC) allow representatives of creative youth and small innovative companies to access technologies and modern equipment of digital production for rapid and inexpensive production of functional prototypes of new products and to test their most daring ideas. Such centers can perform both educational functions, and the functions of initial level prototyping centers.

The establishment of Youth Innovative Creativity Centres in innovative complexes of the Russian regions is aimed at boosting innovative activity of high-school pupils, as well as at the development of regional youth centers and implementation of innovative projects.


One of the most successful projects for the integration of youth in innovative creativity is a project Fab Lab, initiated in 1998 at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), Boston, USA. The project was proposed by the Head MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, Neil Gershenfeld and has grown from a University course "How to make (almost) anything you want". The Fab Lab idea proved to be very flexible and well adapted to localisation in different countries of the world. At present, there are more than a hundred of such laboratories on each continent.

Examples of Fab Lab users' creations: equipment for analysis of quality of milk in India, communication networks and satellite navigation systems for tracking the reindeer herds in Norway, energy installations in Ghana, etc.

In Russian, as a first step it was decided to take the principles and experiences of Fab Lab, as models for testing and developing the Russian model of the Centre of Youth Creativity, the most adapted to our educational and business practices.

Fab Lab is the platform that comprises various equipment and specialised software for digital manufacturing, enabling quick creation of prototypes of various products and devices within the same laboratory, to implement interesting inventive ideas and engage in technical creativity.

Fab Lab provides open access to the most modern tools and approaches for the production of (almost) anything, and links the laboratories around the world into a single network.

Fab Lab is not just a set of certain equipment and materials. It is a set of creative approaches to learning digital manufacturing and production "of almost anything".

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