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Results of the All-Russian Startup Tour 2015 in Krasnoyarsk

On April 6-7, 2015 the Russian Start-up Tour, which brought together over 400 participants from the Siberian regions of Russia - young entrepreneurs and scientists from Krasnoyarsk, Trans-Baikal Krai, the Irkutsk region, the republics of Buryatia, Tuva and Khakassia, visited Krasnoyarsk. The Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovative-Technological Business-Incubator (KRITBI) was made a partner of the 2015 start up tour in the Krasnoyarsk region.
Alexander Granaturov, Deputy Minister of economic development and investment policy of the Krasnoyarsk territory, said: "Today's event is a landmark for the Krasnoyarsk region. It is very important to involve young people in entrepreneurial and innovative activity. Our task is to implement mechanisms for the promotion of innovative ideas. We need creative, innovative, interesting innovators, and they are here today! Thanks to the SKOLKOVO Foundation and partners for this event!"
On the first day of the event in Krasnoyarsk, panel discussions and roundtables were held with invited experts, as well as workshops on the development of entrepreneurial competencies. 
Eugene Levchuk, Manager of services of Technopark "SKOLKOVO", made a presentation on "How, when and why to help Technopark SKOLKOVO innovative companies?"
Eugene Levchuk said: "The Park is an element of the SKOLKOVO ecosystem, which aims to help develop our startups. First, we provide the NIOKR infrastructure and centers of collective use as well as help with the rent office and laboratory premises and make our partner's laboratory space available. For us, business services also include legal and accounting benefits. Technopark selects the best on the market, accredits them and negotiates discounts for the participants of the project "SKOLKOVO." 
On the first day of the Startup tour in Krasnoyarsk, a mentoring session on the development of technological projects were given with invited experts, at which young entrepreneurs received answers to questions about how to properly and effectively develop technologically sophisticated, knowledge-intensive projects, where to find funding, and what investors have to offer.
The second day of the Startup Tour in Krasnoyarsk began with success stories. Eugene Golovenko, General Director of the company "Diaton" (Krasnoyarsk), told the young entrepreneurs of his experience of how the "SKOLKOVO" Fund and other development institutions has helped in developing the company's business.   
"A Winning Team: the Key to Success in the International Market," a master class by Pekka Viljakainen, Advisor to the President of Fund "SKOLKOVO" was of particular interest.
Pekka Viljakainen said that "If you took only one idea away from my speech, it would be as follows: you need to give your presentation as if you were explaining it to a 5-year-old child. Nobody needs a detailed description of the technology, nor intricate explanations of formulas and complex graphs. Your potential investors often will not even understand what you're talking about! Indicate the problem and prove their competence in solving it. The question, of course, is in the technology, but from a business perspective the important thing is the decision that you offer. 
I encourage you to visit the Startup Village in Moscow. There will be 10,000 participants: investors, entrepreneurs, representatives of venture funds and the development! You need to be at the heart of this knowledge!"
Also on the second day of the event Dmitry Petunin, Senior Technical Consultant at Intel, conducted a review of technology trends in the IT field.
Dmitry Petunin said: "The main trends in the it industry, which Intel sees and tries to support, are, firstly, the Internet things and things related to miniature hardware that will have sufficient intelligence and good cohesion between them. The second important trend is the changing model of personal service use . We believe that something new has to come from computer management using the keyboard, and we expect the advent of computers with RealSense devices, which should be better at understanding the user and giving him better service".
On the same day, the teams that passed the preliminary expert selection, presented their innovative projects to the jury.
The jury selected 13 winners from those presented during the project pitch sessions.
The jury selected 3 winners in "Information Technology." They are:
1st place - Basharov Vadim, a resident of KRITBI, with the project "Mobile Service My Maps",
2nd place - Ekaterina Kirik, a resident of KRITBI, with the project "Sigma BOP" Software Package for Complex Problem Solving in Fire Safety during Design and Operation of Construction Projects",
3rd place - Alexander Popov with the project "Encom Smart Panel".
In "Energy Efficient Technologies" the jury has awarded 3 of the projects, with two third places:
1st place - Giora Alex, a resident of KRITBI, with the project "Development and Commercialization of the Efre Soft Power Conversion Platform",
3rd place - Alexander Garanin with the project "Highly Efficient Utilization of Iron and Concrete Designs and Wastes Through Electro Impact",
3rd place - Mihalop Sergey with the project "Development and Prospective Application of Wind Turbines with a Vertical Axis of Rotation".
In the track "Biological and Medical Technology" 4 projects won and the jury awarded two second places:
1st place - Alexander Lyapin with the project "Restoring Balance and Ability to Walk in Neurological Patients with HS-3 Stabilising Platforms", 
2nd place - Alexey Vishnyakov, resident KRITBI, with the project "FloraTech Bioengineering Climate System",
2nd place - Anna Bezdenezhnykh with the project "Uniquely Designed Neuropsychological Computer Programs for Cognitive Correction",
3rd place - Grigory Alekseevich with the project "Air-Hand".
In the track "Industrial Technologies and Materials" the jury chose 3 of the project: 
1st place - Evgeny Ilyin with the project "Technological Complex Pulse Method for Cleaning Frozen Gondola and Packed Weight",
2nd place - Alexander Tshitnikov, a resident of KRITBI, with the project "System for Seismic Emergency Mine Communications",
3rd place - Aksenov Nikita with the project "Eco-environment".
The "SKOLKOVO" fund winners were all given invitations to visit Startup Village - the largest annual startup conference, which will be held in Moscow on 2-3 June 2015 at the "SKOLKOVO" Innovative center.
Alexander Lyapin and Alexander Popov became eligible to participate in the Startup Village competition without passing an additional examination.
Ekaterina Inozemtseva, chief strategy officer of SKOLKOVO Foundation said, "If someone does not have time to participate in your city, send your application to the nearest one or select another one that is convenient to you. We have no restrictions on a regional basis. You can participate even if you are from another country. Proposals are submitted through the website: ."
The Fund assists in the development of small enterprises in the scientific-technical sphere awarded 1 million ruble grants to both Lyapina Alexander, with the project "Restoring Balance and Ability to Walk in Neurological Patients Stabilising HS-3 Platforms," and Alexander Popov, with the project "Encom Smart Panel". 
The Federal Agency for youth Affairs has awarded Mihalop Sergei, Sitnikova Alexander, Yuri Kvashnin Basharova and Vadim certificates for participation in the final of the contest "Young Innovator of 2015".

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