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The All-Russian Start-Up Tour 2015 starts in Krasnoyarsk

On April 6, 2015 the All-Russian Start-Up Tour has arrived to Krasnoyarsk, where it has gathered more than 400 participants from the Siberian regions of Russia - young entrepreneurs and scientists from Krasnoyarsk, Trans-Baikal territory, the Irkutsk region, the republics of Buryatia, Tuva and Khakassia. The Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovative-Technological Business-Incubator (KRITBI) was made a partner of the 2015 start up tour in the Krasnoyarsk region.
Alexander Granaturov, Deputy Minister of economic development and investment policy of the Krasnoyarsk territory, said: "Today's event is a landmark for the Krasnoyarsk region. In the current situation, it is very important to direct young people towards entrepreneurial and innovative activity. Our task is to implement mechanisms for the promotion of innovative ideas. Krasnoyarsk region has every opportunity to implement these tasks. We need creative, innovative, interesting innovators, and they are here today! We would like to thank the SKOLKOVO Fund and partners for this event! On behalf of the Krasnoyarsk region, I wish you all success!"
Pekka Viljakainen, Advisor to the President of SKOLKOVO Fund: "Today we talk about innovation not as something contrived, we are working to ensure that new companies could generate money. This Start-Up Tour could also be called "How to earn money using innovation". The task of start-ups is to earn money! The best entrepreneurs are trying to find the very best items, copy the best practices, improve their product, and if they see something unnecessary, then just get rid of it. Let's set a goal to learn something new during these two days!"
Today there was a panel discussion: "Science talks: the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological trends".
Dmitry Teterukov, Professor at SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology, Head of Laboratory for Intelligent Space Robotics, spoke about technological trends in robotics: "I would like to focus on 3 trends in robotics: industrial robotics, aerospace, and medical. The direction that we need to develop in Russia is industrial robotics. All robotic companies first came about at universities. It is very difficult to build a robotics startup without large investments. These technologies are very complex, but they have a great future!"
Yuri Nikolsky, Science Director of Biological and Medical Technologies Cluster of SKOLKOVO Fund: "If we talk about medicine, the main drivers are the following issues: aging of the population, epidemic of infectious diseases, emerging infections (Ebola), cncology, obecnie technology. A separate issue that started only 2 years ago, is Immunobiology. We are seeing great progress in the treatment of cancer: removal of the immune blockade in the treatment of cancer. Today there is a painful shortage of organs for transplantation: 1.5 billion people waiting in China alone, huge queues in all the leading countries of the world. biofabrication and 3D bioprinting are the technologies that will resolve this issue."
Today also included a panel discussion "Innovative growth areas of the Krasnoyarsk region".
Alexey Belyakov, Vice-President, Executive Director of Space Technologies and Telecommunications Cluster of the "SKOLKOVO" Fund: "Today we would like to discuss the innovation landscape of the Krasnoyarsk region. The location of this region determines the direction of science, in which it develops. For Krasnoyarsk, it is the field of energy".
Vladimir Golubev, Deputy Minister of economic development and investment policy of the Krasnoyarsk region: "I fully share the position of "SKOLKOVO". The innovations of the Krasnoyarsk region are focused on the areas that are successful for our region: the energy sector, as well as mining and quarrying. The region's cutting-edge programs are aimed at supporting scientific and technical projects, which are at the intersection of science and technologies. In short, today we already have 8 youth research centers, and in the last year they have hosted at least 1500 young persons. Our task is to develop the innovative capacity of the region, so that every invested ruble returns, and brings return twofold."
In the framework of the scientific - educational track Andrei Egorov, Executive Director of the Open University SKOLKOVO (OUSkol), told the participants about the programs and key events of the Open University: "the Open University was established as a program of the "SKOLKOVO" Fund to attract talented young people and to promote their integration inside the SKOLKOVO ecosystem. That is, the Open University proposes a set of programs that reveal to students, postgraduates and young scientists all the possibilities of SKOLKOVO. Its goal is to interest and stimulate them to engage in science, technology or business activity".
Another notable event held today were a series of mentoring session on the development of technological projects, held by the invited experts. During these sessions young entrepreneurs have received answers to their questions about how to properly and effectively develop technologically sophisticated, knowledge-intensive projects, where to find funding, and what investors have to offer.
The second day of the Krasnoyarsk Start-Up Tour will be dedicated to the contest,where teams of participants who have passed the preliminary expert selection, will present their innovative projects to the jury, which will determine the winners.
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The All-Russian Start-Up Tour, February-April 2015 
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"Delovaya Sreda" (The Business Environment) of Sberbank of Russia
Media partner of the all-Russian startup tour 2015, "Devlovaya Sreda" of Sberbank, organizes live video conferences and master classes for young innovators from 10:00 to 13:00 local time in 100 Business Development Centres of Sberbank across more than 50 regions of Russia. You can find the program of the Startup Tour and schedule of video broadcasts for all the regions, as well as register for the event here:
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