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KRITBI presents its projects at the Mineral Wealth of Siberia Forum

The Regional Business Incubator is taking part in a major subsoil-use event - the Mineral Wealth of Siberia Forum and an exhibition series Oil, Gas, Chemistry, Mining. The event will be held at the international exhibition and business center Siberia, from 12 to 14 March.

This year, for the first time this industry exhibitions will also include a dedicated forum The Mineral Wealth of Siberia. The Forum will be a platform for the representatives of public authorities, business and scientific community to meet and discuss the prospects of mineral resources development and, in particular, the implementation of innovations in the oil and gas, mining and processing industries.

Alexander Tokarev, the Deputy Executive Director of KRITBI, informed the Forum participants about the support infrastructure available for innovative small and medium enterprises, as well as the regional business incubator's opportunities for supporting the young companies working with innovative developments for the industry. Answering the question of the Forum participants: "where to obtain funds for innovative development", Alexander Tokarev said: "the practice of the regional business incubator shows that the businesses are interested in new developments. Of all the funds invested in the projects of KRITBI residents, about 70% came from private investors".

In the framework of the industry exhibition, the Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovative-Technological Business Incubator (KRITBI) presents a dedicated exhibition stand featuring projects of 9 of its companies-residents, whose work may be of interest to the oil, gas, and mining sectors.

Company Kontur presented samples of its GRP pipes, capable of withstanding operational temperatures of up to +115 C. Another resident-company, Innovativnie Tekhnologii demonstrated the visitors its wedge-lock for creating directed shockwaves. This development helps increase the efficiency of blasting operations in mining. Design Bureau Experimental Machine-Building presented GRAD, its new installation for purification of liquids from solids. Stal-Partner is another featured KRITBI-resident: it exhibited a specialised unit for oil products collection and transmission, capable of simplifying the process of installation, commissioning and repair of reservoirs.

The KRITBI stand also featured companies UART, EnergoTechnology, Skala, The Divnogorsk Polymeric Products Plants presenting their service projects for the subsoil use sectors.  At the entrance to exhibition center Siberia, as part of the outdoor exhibition, was exhibited a water-jet boat of a KRITBI resident KA-KHEM BOAT LLC. Its developer, company KA-KHEM, offers a logistics project of cargo delivery to remote locations along small rivers.

For more information please call: +7 (391) 219-04-07, KRITBI's press office