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7 ноября

Пустой катафалк

Что ж.

Всё именно так.

Вы наверняка уже видели новости.

Так с чего же мне начать?

Как говорит самый топовый хэштэг: #шерлокжив

Но до того, как я расскажу вам об этом, обратимся к другим новостям. Тем, что предшествовали 'воскрешению' Шерлока. Те самые, в которых говорится о том, что полиция окончательно и бесповоротно утвердила - Шерлок невиновен. Всё, что написано в этом блоге, было, есть и будет являться правдой, и теперь весь мир об этом знает. Я просто хочу урвать минутку для того, чтобы поблагодарить всех тех, кто верил в него и оставлял комментарии об этом. Это действительно помогло.

Всё именно так. Он воскрес. Разумеется, ему это удалось. Разумеется, Шерлоку чёртову Холмсу могло удасться воскреснуть из мертвых.

Он подделал свою смерть, потому что Мориарти шантажировал его, угрожал гибелью близких ему людей. Моей гибелью в том числе. Ему пришлось скрываться, так и оставив нас и всех прочих людей в неведении о том, что он был жив. Он сделал это для того, чтобы защитить. Так и не доверился нам достаточно для того, чтобы сказать правду. Не уверен, смогу ли когда-нибудь действительно его простить, но, как говорится, жизнь не стоит на месте.

Он вернулся в Лондон для того, чтобы предотвратить атаку террористов. Вернулся к жизни для того, чтобы не допустить наших смертей. Опять. Всё-то у него однозначно: либо жизнь, либо смерть. И ничего кроме.

I was out having dinner with my girlfriend when he sauntered back into my world. He was dressed as a waiter. BECAUSE HE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUNNY. He genuinely thought it would be funny to surprise me. I think he was more surprised when I nutted him. But let's not dwell on that because again, as the saying goes, life goes on.

Only, of course, he comes back into my life which means I find myself being attacked, kidnapped and stuck in a bonfire. We still don't know why that happened. It had nothing to do with the terrorist plot. It was terrifying though. One of the scariest moments of my life. Trapped. Unable to move. I could hardly breathe. And all I could hear were children! Singing and laughing like they were in a horror movie. Not knowing that I was trapped in the bonfire. And then someone set it alight and that was me gone. Just about. Sherlock and my girlfriend turned up in the nick of time and saved me. It was probably Sherlock himself. Set it all up just so he could save my life so I'd forgive him about what he did. Nah, I know it wasn't really.

At first, I didn't really welcome him back into my life. I couldn't. I mean I know he's a psychopath and I've accepted that but what he did this time, it was too much. So I ignored him and got on with my life. But God, it was dull. I knew he was back. I knew that he was out there having the time of his life and I was... working. But I wasn't going to give in. He even replaced me! I refused to go back to Baker Street so he replaced me with Molly Hooper and started solving cases while he worked on the terrorist thing.

But then the whole kidnapping/bonfire thing happened. And he saved my life, of course. And I went to say thanks and... I was hooked. He's like a drug. He told me about the terrorist plot and I was hooked. I had to help him.

He showed me this video of an Underground train leaving one station and arriving in another. Only the one passenger who'd been on the train had disappeared! Only then, he realised, it hadn't been the passenger. It had been a whole carriage! We investigated further and discovered that there was an old, disused station between the two stations.

Underneath the Houses of Parliament.

We made our way there only to discover that the carriage was empty! But then we found out why there wasn't a bomb in the carriage. The carriage itself was the bomb. Every seat, every inch of it was covered in explosives. And it was primed to go off just a few minutes later. It would have destroyed the Houses of Parliament and wiped out the government. And, obviously, it would have killed us. But Sherlock, the clever bastard, knew where the off switch was.

He saved our lives and he saved the country.

And, as you'll have also seen on the news, Lord Moran was arrested. Yup, the terrorist was the Minister for Overseas Development. You can't trust anyone these days, can you?

So that's it. Sherlock returns from the dead and we save the country. All in a day's work.

Oh, and in other news, I've got engaged. But, it's not something I'm really going to talk about much here. I want to keep some things private. I will say, though, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Sorry, Sherlock :)

So, yes. It's all good. Better than good. It's bloody brilliant. #sherlocklives means #johnwatsonlives.


I see you haven't spent the last two years working on your writing technique.

Sherlock Holmes 7 November

Seriously? Don't make me come over there, Sherlock.

John Watson 7 November

My boys! Back together!

Mrs Hudson 7 November


theimprobableone 7 November

Mate! It really must be! You've used capital letters!

Mike Stamford 7 November


theimprobableone 7 November

Glad you're okay.

Mike Stamford 7 November

You're getting married, Johnikins? Squeeeee!!!!

Stella and Ted 7 November

I knew Moriarty was a lie!

Dame Latif 7 November

No. Moriarty wasn't a lie. What he said was a lie.

Donna Staveley 7 November

What!!?! So he was real but what he said wasn't real? So I was right to believe in Sherlock? LOL I'm so confused!!!

Dame Latif 7 November

Yeah! Everything on this blog is real!

Donna Staveley 7 November


Anonymous 7 November


theimprobableone 7 November

Glad you're okay.

Mike Stamford 7 November


Jacob Sowersby 7 November

It was a real honour to spend a day helping Sherlock. I'm not John though.

Molly Hooper 7 November

He said you were really good!

John Watson 7 November

Did he?

Molly Hooper 7 November

Yeah! Said you did an amazing job.

John Watson 7 November

That sounds like the kind of thing he would say :)

Molly Hooper 7 November


Molly Hooper 7 November

But thanks :)

Molly Hooper 7 November

I still can't believe it! The boys are back in town!

Mrs Hudson 8 November

I'm just glad you shaved off the moustache.

Mary Morstan 8 November

We aren't talking about the moustache.

John Watson 8 November

Oh, I think we should.

Sherlock Holmes 9 November


Harry Watson 9 November

Everyone's back! We all live!

Mike Stamford 9 November

What is this world I'm getting into...

Mary Morstan 9 November

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