Международный опыт Канады – путешествия и работа в Канаде

Become a candidate in the International Experience Canada (IEC) pool(s), get an Invitation to Apply and apply for a work permit.

Примечание: МЭК также доступна для канадской молодежи, которые хотят путешествовать и работать за рубежом.


Services and information

Find out if you’re eligible

Age, money, citizenship, length of stay in Canada and other requirements you must meet

Стать кандидатом

How to submit your profile and what information needs to be in it

Как бассейны работают

What happens after you submit your profile and your chances of getting an Invitation to Apply

Приглашения применять

Deadlines, how to accept or decline an invitation and what happens if you are not invited

Раундов приглашения

Key dates, number of invitations sent and spots available

Подать заявление на разрешение на работу

How to fill out the online form, upload documents, pay fees and submit your application

What to do after you apply

How we assess your application and what you need to do next

Подготовить к вашему приезду

What documents you will need and what to expect at the border


Questions about IEC?

Find quick and direct answers to your questions about applying to IEC, including how long you will be in the pool, how much it costs to participate and if you need a job offer to apply.

Процесс подачи заявки на ладони

Use this infographic to get an overview of the IEC application process.

Need help planning your trip?

Connect with a Recognized Organization to help you plan your trip or find work in Canada.

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