Нанять стажера

The Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) Program allows you to fill skilled labour shortages by hiring newcomers if you’re:

  • an employer in:
    • a federal government department or agency
    • a government organization
    • the private sector
  • located in or around:
    • Ottawa/Gatineau
    • St. John’s, NL
    • Toronto
    • Victoria
    • Vancouver

You can hire candidates in fields such as:

  • administration
  • project management
  • policy and research
  • finance
  • computer science

These skilled and experienced newcomers can enhance your workplace by:

  • increasing productivity and creativity
  • bringing new perspectives
  • helping to expand local and global networks

All qualified candidates have:

  • the necessary language skills and are ready to work
  • been assessed by Immigrant-Serving Organizations (ISOs)
  • taken job-readiness training (if needed)
  • been interviewed and evaluated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Once interns begin their placement, we:

  • match them with mentors
  • offer training sessions to help them adapt to working in Canada

You can support your interns by allowing them to attend these professional development sessions whenever possible.

Most internships start in September, and you can request an intern throughout the year.

Работодателей в частном секторе

We partner with select private sector employers. You can hire FIN candidates as long as you:

  • have hiring practices and a workplace committed to:
    • diversity
    • inclusion
    • employment equity
  • provide paid employment opportunities that correspond with the skills and experience of qualified FIN candidates
  • hire interns directly to work within the organization

Find out how newcomers apply for the FIN program.

Как нанять

  1. Identify and define positions within your organization that you can fill with FIN candidates.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Review résumés of qualified candidates provided to you.
  4. Проведение собеседований и проверка ссылок.
  5. Prepare a letter of offer for the selected candidate(s).
    • For federal partners: Begin the security clearance process with human resources in your department.
  6. Платят зарплату.


As an employer of FIN Program participants, our FIN Program team offers you:

  • free cross-cultural training support from professional trainers
  • a Resource Guide for Hiring Managers with information on:
    • hiring through the FIN Program
    • steps to follow throughout the duration of the internship
    • support and resources available to you


Работодателей Дорожная Карта

Эта Дорожная карта-это справочник для работодателей в малых и средних предприятиях, заинтересованных в привлечении иностранных рабочих.

Объятия канадской культуры

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