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Advertising best collection show in Saint Petersburg

In the picture:
- Natalia Pilatova
, director of the North-Western office of AKAR,
- Voronkov Sergey
, general manager of “ExpoForum”,
- Belyaev Alexander
, department head of the FAS in Saint Petersburg,
- Pilatov Sergey
, president of The Public Committee on advertising in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region,
- Ivan Churilin
, president of ABC Show,
- Valentin Smolyakov
, chief executive of AKAR


During 4 days from 17 to 20 of October the inhabitants of the north capital could enjoy the world best advertising from ABC show's collection. The demonstrations took place at the same time in the cinemas "Dom Kino" and "Khudozhestvenniy".

The audience of Saint Petersburg appreciated the quality of the demontstrated creative advertisement and particularly estimated that all of them were dubbed into Russian.

«We were in Dom Kino on Sunday and would like to thank everybody for the showing of this Collection in our city. The selection of videos was excellent, we were on the edge of our seats. The audience clapped and laughed all the time. When we saw the titles we could not believe it was over.. I would watch it again!»

Irina Isakova