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Apache Subversion очень повезло с наличием сообщества ценящей документацию Эта страница содержит ссылки на различные источники документации, направленной на пользователей и разработчиков Subversion сторонних инструментов, с которыми Subversion интегрируется. Большая часть этой документации является самой свободной, поэтому, если вы заметили ошибки в ней, пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь представить исправления соответствующим владельцам документации.

Subversion User Manuals

If you want to know how to use Subversion, you can find a number of published user manuals available for purchase online. Один из этих текстов - Управление Версиями С Использованием Subversion (как сокращенно называют "Книга Subversion") - распространяется по бесплатной лицензии, разработанной сообществом Subversion, и бесплатно полностью доступной онлайн http://svnbook.red-bean.com.

Release Notes

Release notes for each minor release series, describing its major features, differences, and upgrade caveats with respect to prior release lines, are available:

Community Guides

The Subversion community operates at peak efficiency when everyone honors the various policies which were established by the community as the result of years of experience. The following documents provide invaluable insight into How Stuff Gets Done Around Here. We hope you find them useful not only as you contribute to Subversion, but also as you then seek to develop and establish best practices in your own software projects.

Subversion API

Subversion is a collection of modular libraries written in the C programming language, each of which has a clearly defined collection of functions and types that together make up Subversion's application programming interface (API). This API is stable within major release streams of the software itself, so if you write software that uses Subversion 1.1.0's interfaces, you should expect that software to continue to work when the Subversion libraries are upgraded to 1.6.0 without your having to change or recompile your software at all.

Latest release (currently 1.9)

Subversion 1.9

Subversion 1.8

Subversion 1.7

Unreleased (1.10-dev)

NOTE: Unreleased and prerelease documentation is provided by volunteers who offer such as a service to (primarily) Subversion's own developers. Such documentation has not been validated by Subversion's official release procedure, does not necessarily describe stable APIs, and is itself not guaranteed to be either accurate or complete. Please keep these facts in mind while using these documents.