About SOLNYSHKO Holiday Camp

The camp itself is situated on the left bank of the Volga River and folded in arms of the pinewood.

Here, in the shade of the pines, the wooden two-storied blockhouses and brick cottages stand straight near the water. At your disposal are personal kitchens, guestrooms and bedrooms. Any visitor can choose his own house here.

The windows look towards the Volga River. It’s a special pleasure to keep an eye on the sails, cleaving the mirror-like surface at sunset.

That’s the place where people enjoy the countryside pastime. The faint smell of the bonfire and

resinous fragrance of pine and fir could be felt in here. Fishing overnight, some singing to the guitar near the bonfire, fish soup made from your own trophies – all take place.

Leisure time includes green birch twigs sauna and spicy shish kebab in a friendly private atmosphere under the stars with some background music.

Decided to go mushrooming? There are always plenty of berries and mushrooms in the nearest forest on season.

The pastime can turn into the great journey, searching for blueberries, blackberries, agaric honeys and big ceps.

This is exactly the sort of life we’re always missing in the street hustle. We’re missing some good timber for furnace, some good wine for drinking and good friends for pastime …good books for reading.

Here you stay alone with nature and your significant other.

Here you’ll be able to find anything for romance just as enjoy your leisure, understanding how the basic human happiness feels like!

Be the welcome visitor of SOLNYSHKO Holiday Camp!

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