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Revival of Kursk Korenskaya Fair became undoubtedly the main historical event of the last decades for our region 

Interregional in its status, and actually international universal wholesale and retail fair today, as well as many years ago, attracts hundreds of participants and guests. On the ninth Friday after orthodox Easter, religious procession with an icon of God’s Mother "Sign" Kursk Korennaya starts from the walls of Kursk Znamensky Cathedral and goes to a place of its discovery in Korennaya Pustyng, Svoboda, Zolotukhinsky area of Kursk region, and then the fair opens in all its beauty.

Facts from the contemporary history of Kursk Korenskaya fair:


Renewal of Kursk Korenskaya Fair holding at monastery walls in Svoboda, Zolotukhinsky area. In the first Korenskaya fair, after a long-term break, only 36 enterprises took part, 26 from which represented Kursk region and 10 other regions of Russia.

Within the fair “the Day of the City” and a festival of national song in memory of a great Russian singer Nadezhda Plevitskaya were held.


55 enterprises took part in the fair. The geography of participants extended. The expositions were represented by foreign delegations from Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Poland. 18 areas of Kursk region organized original rural farmsteads. The number of visitors considerably increased.


More than 300 enterprises accepted the invitation to take part in the fair. The numerous delegation represented Ukraine, members of business community of Italy, Sweden, Moldova, Belarus, participants from other regions of the Central Federal District also visited the event.

There were organized a prominent exhibition of agricultural machinery, exposition "Fauna", exhibitions of transport and agricultural machinery produced by enterprises of Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, horse fair rows. The Fair was visited by more than 50 thousands of people.


The central event of the fair became the presentation of new agricultural machinery to heads of Kursk farms by the governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhaylov.

96 official and business delegations from Germany, France, Poland, the republics of the CIS took part in the fair. People from all corners of Russia, from St. Petersburg to Khanty-Mansiysk, gathered there. Our region was presented by 176 enterprises.

In the same year there was created the Board of Trustees for the sake of the complex revival of the male monastery in the name of Nativity of The Blessed Virgin "Korennaya Pustyng", headed by the Plenipotentiary representative of the President of Russian Federation in the Central Federal District.


the V Anniversary Kursk Korenskaya Fair. of more than 500 Russian and foreign enterprises took place in two new fast-built exhibition halls. A special platform of 1500 square meters is equipped for display of automotive vehicles. Where cars of domestic and import production were exhibited.

The number of guests and participants of the fair grows. Among representatives of the countries from near and far abroad there were Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Poland, Bulgaria, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova.


According to the organizing committee, in three years preceding the sixth fair, a foreign trade turnover with the regions which have signed agreements of cooperation with Kursk region, increased from 85,7 to 130,8 million US dollars.

More than 600 enterprises and organizations from Russia, near and far abroad took part in the Fair. Belarus can be mentioned as one of the oldest and closest partners of Russia. Great interest in the fair was shown also by Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan. 3 agreements of cooperation were signed during the fair.


The number of participants of the fair reached 800. Representatives of 102 enterprises arrived from the states of near and far abroad: Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Slovakia, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan. For the first time representatives of South America took part in Kursk Korenskaya Fair - the Republic of Colombia. Seven documents (agreements, memorandums) were signed.


The live broadcast of Religious procession with an icon of God’s Mother "Sign" Kursk Korennaya and events of Korenskaya Fair in the Internet is organized for the first time.

Fair gathered about 1040 enterprises and organizations. Expositions, including stationary, all the year round operating exhibition center, were placed in five fast-built pavilions. The stadium became an exhibition platform for the display of modern agricultural machinery and "The city of masters" offering products of national crafts.

During the Fair 8 documents are signed (agreements, protocols, cooperation plans).

For the first time Korenskaya Fair was visited by representatives of the Trade missions of Republic of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.


Despite an economic crisis, this fair surpassed all the previous fairs in number of participants (1084). Guests from 16 countries from near and far abroad, from Austria to Vietnam, gathered in Svoboda. Expositions of Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Bulgaria were traditionally widely presented. Болгария. For the first time the Fair was visited by representatives of South Ossetia, Zambia, Nigeria, Iraq, China.

There were signed 11 agreements and protocols on cooperation with companies of other Russian regions and foreign countries.


The number of guests and participants of The X Kursk Korenskaya Fair surpassed 1,5 times the quantity of visitors of the previous fair.

169 enterprises represented 17 countries of near and far abroad: Serbia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Zambia, Ecuador, Angola, Namibia, USA, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Republic of Tajikistan, Abkhazia. Among active Russian participants there were companies from Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Lipetsk, Oryol, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov, Tver, Tula, Yaroslavl, Moscow.

During the Fair there were signed three protocols on establishment of twinning relations with regions of the neighboring countries, four agreements on cooperation, contracts of production delivery.

Within the Fair a seminar with participation of manufacturers of agricultural machinery was held with participation of Russian, Belarusian, Holland, the USA representatives, administrations of municipal areas and agricultural producers. It concerned the introduction of resource-saving equipment in agricultural production. Display of technological operations in soil processing, sowing grain and herbs, potatoes landing became an innovation.

Thanks to efforts of the Board of trustees and numerous charitable donations of believers reconstruction of Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Korennaya Pustyng was finished. The icon of God’s Mother "Sign" Kursk Korennaya is brought from America.

Religious procession and fair events were broadcasted in the Internet and on external demonstration screens in Kursk and town Svoboda. On the day of official opening of the fair there took place a real time videoconference of the governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhaylov with the Minister of Communications and informatizations of Republic of Belarus Nikolay Panteley.


From year to year the Fair grows and already hardly accommodates all the guests, willing to take part in it.

Displays of the exhibition took place in the main exhibition center, open exhibition platforms, stadium and 7 fast-built pavilions.

20 countries from near and far abroad were presented: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Zambia, Namibia, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the USA, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and Kenya, that took part in the fair for the first time

179 expositions of partner regions that signed cooperation agreements with Administration of Kursk region: Sumy, Kharkov, Donetsk, Chernigov regions of Ukraine, Abkhazia, Republic of Belarus, Moldova, Serbia.

The fair was also visited by official delegations of enterprises and organizations from Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Vladimir, Volgograd, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Lipetsk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Orenburg, Oryol, Rostov, Ryazan, Saratov, Smolensk, Tambov, Tverskaya, Tula, Yaroslavl regions, cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pyatigorsk, Krasnodar and Stavropol.

6 cooperation agreements, 2 protocols on establishment of twinning relations, contracts of purchase and sale of agricultural machinery for the sum about 105 million rubles were signed.

The investment project on creation of the Multipurpose telecommunication center which would allow to provide broadcasting of Kursk Korenskaya Fair events in Svoboda and video conference sessions with any point of the world is realized. In particular the events of Religious procession with the icon of God's Mother "Sign" Kursk Korennaya and events of Kursk Korenskaya fair were broadcasted on-line in the Internet and on street external demonstrative screens in Svoboda of Zolotukhinsky area, in Kursk, and also for the first time in Smolensk, Kaluga, Oryol and Belgorod.


ХII Kursk Korensky Fair. This time enterprises and organizations of industrial complex, food and processing industry, agriculture, small and medium business placed the expositions in eight thematic fast-built pavilions, on the territory of 300 square meters, in the main operating all the year round exhibition center, and also on numerous open exhibition and trading floors.

Nine cooperation agreements and one protocol on establishment of twinning relations are signed. The agreement between the National center of marketing and price situation of Republic of Belarus and administration of Kursk region, aimed at the development of trade and economic relations in the sphere of participation in purchases of goods on a competitive basis; the cooperation agreement between administration of Kursk region and JSC “Rosgeologiya”, offering services and opportunities for studying a subsoil and production of geological works, opening possibilities of increase in economic capacity of the region due to reproduction of mineral raw material resources, forecasting, search and investigation of minerals; agreements between administration of Kursk region and federal Fund of assistance to development of small forms of enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere (Moscow), between administration of Kursk region and JSC X 5 Retail Group (Moscow) and others.

The Fair gained a special status due to holding the Central Russian economic forum which for the first time took place in Kursk region and became by recognition of many guests and participants a prominent event of the Central Russia. The Forum brought together prominent Russian and foreign politicians, public figures, experts, heads of the largest companies, the organizations of small business, bankers, representatives of a business community, etc.

2013 год


In 2013 within the fair a number of significant events were held: The II Central Russian Economic Forum, the meeting of the constant working group of the Council under the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in Central Federal district in socio-economic development, the II Eurasian Forum of vegetable growers.In the framework of the festive program of the Days of Bulgaria in the Kursk region and the presentation of the socio-economic potential of St. Petersburg.

During the fair, signed 12 agreements and protocols on cooperation between state bodies and economic entities of the Kursk region with representatives of the business communities of Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic.The most distinguished participants of the fair were awarded with diplomas, medals and letters of appreciation by 32 nominations. Just awarded 80 diplomas, 79 medals and 29 letters of gratitude.