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On-line cource of Olga Bogdashina “Autism spectrum disorders. Introduction to the problem of autism”

Purpose of the program: Learn basic theoretical and practical domestic and foreign areas of diagnosis and correction of the autism spectrum disorders.

Dates: 10 January - 10 March

Category of listeners:
— профессионалы, работающие с аутичными детьми и/или взрослыми: учителя, психологи, логопеды, социальные работники, и т.д.;
— студенты психологии и образования;
— родители детей с аутизмом

Scope of the program: 72 academic hours

Form of training: distant

Tuition fee: 6200 rubles

Document of education: Certificate of professional development of the state sample
Leading teacher of the program - Olga Bogdashina (UK) - PhD, MA (the psychology of autism), consultant of European Institute of Child Education and Psychology (ICEP Europe)
Professional development program - the first of three interconnected modules.
Program curator - Elena Chereneva, Ph.D., associate professor.
Content of the program is based on classical and modern achievements of science and practice. Within the course, students learn the autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger syndrome, forms an idea of how autistic children feel the world, develop cognitive functioning, language and non-verbal ways of communicating. Students comprehend the essence of existing practices and learn a wide range of approaches to learning and working with autistic children and adults acquire knowledge about the nature of this phenomenon, the possible courses of correction, significant environmental factors, strategies to meet the needs of people with autism, approaches to education of autistic children that allows to select and develop an optimal strategy for working with autistic people. This course - a chance to understand and investigate in detail the autism from theoretical and practical point of view.

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